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Blood/Tissue/Cell Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (Magnetic bead method)

This kit is designed for the simple and efficient extraction of genome. This kit can be applied
to extract a small quantity of samples manually and perform in a high-throughput scale

Genomic DNA Extracted by this kit can be used to detect host cell DNA in some experiments.

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Cat.No. HG-NA100
Blood/Tissue/Cell Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (Magnetic bead method)


Shows higher yield and higher purity compared to competing products.


Electrophoresis in 1% agarose gels

Strip No.1&2:Blood/Tissue/Cell Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (Magnetic bead method)

Strip No.3&4:Imported Kit

Results show that genomic fragments extracted using the Bluekit® kit are as complete as those using imported kits.


Extract genomic DNA from two blood samples respectively with the imported kit and the Bluekit® kit, and then detect the concentration with Nanodrop. 

Results show that the the Bluekit® kit has 5-10% yield more than the imported kit.