One-stop CQDMO services for cellular therapy products from drug discovery 

to non-IND IIT, as well as from sequence detection to IND submission

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CQDMO Services (contract quality control, development, and manufacturing organization) are unique in the industry and creative service mode established by Hillgene for cellular therapy products. Given the features of the development process and our in-depth understanding of cellular therapy products, we have developed a mature QC testing protocol for cellular therapy products, thereby providing whole-process CQDMO services with excellent, multi-dimensional, and strict quality assurance.


To resolve the core technical issues of cellular therapy and accelerate the industrialization efficiency of medicine from the source, Hillgene independently researched and developed a serial of technical platforms for cellular therapy, including industrialization of nucleic acid (plasmid/mRNA), HiLenti®-T lentiviral vector system, HiLenti®-NK lentiviral vector system, HiLenti®-serum-free suspension culturing of lentiviral vectors, HiCellx®-completely closed process development for cellular products, and HiCellx® Stem-large-scale production of stem cells. With these independently developed technical platforms, we can offer our clients one-stop CDMO services for cellular therapy, thereby contributing to making more products to the next milestone sooner and faster.


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