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CD-19 CAR-T Premade Lentivirus

A CD19 CAR-T vector (pHi-HV01-EF1α-CD19 CAR) with a specific killing function and convenient identification of infection efficiency has been developed by Jiangsu Hillgene based on the second-generation CAR-T technology. The vector is added with the costimulatory domain, 4-1BB, which prolongs the survival time of CAR-T cells and promotes the proliferation of cells, and the kanamycin resistance is also modified so that it can meet the requirements of domestic and foreign regulations and policies.

Cat. No.HG-CT1901
CD-19 CAR-T Premade Lentivirus


CD19 CAR-T lentiviral packaging is performed using Jiangsu Hillgene’s VSV-G envelope four-plasmid system. VSV-G pseudotyped LVVs adhered to and entered the cell by recognizing the low-density lipoprotein receptor (LDL-R) on the cell surface. The prevalence of LDL-R on the cell membrane enabled VSV-G to allow LVVs to enter a variety of cells. At present, VSV-G pseudotyped LVVs are widely used in the transduction of human and other mammalian cells, and CD19 CAR-T can efficiently and specifically kill CD19-positive cells, which provides a very good research tool for preclinical studies of gene/cell therapy and is of great significance for promoting the development of gene/cell therapy.

CD19 CAR-T Vector Design


CD19 CAR-T Lentivirus Preparation Process


CD19 CAR-T Lentivirus Quality Standard


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1. CD19 CAR-T Cell Preparation Process


2. CAR-T Detection Data


3. CAR-T Cell Quality Standard


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