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E.coli Residual DNA Fragment Analysis Detection Kit (qPCR)

Based on fluorescent probe method, this kit quantitatively detects fragments of E.coli residual DNA with sizes of 62bp, 141bp, 284bp, and 517bp, respectively, covering the possible functional gene sizes to the greatest extent, with the sensitivity up to 3fg/μL, and can accurately quantify the residual amount and distribution of each fragment of E. coli DNA.

The kit is equipped with the sample preprocessing kit of our company (Cat. No.: HG-CL100) for sample preprocessing.

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Assay range: 3.00×101~3.00×105 fg/μL

Limit of quantitation: 3.00×101 fg/μL

Precision: CV%≤15%

Cat. No. HG-EF001