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Vaccinia Capping Enzyme ELISA Detection Kit

This kit uses double-antibody sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) method. Add Vaccinia Capping Enzyme standard and test samples to the microtiter plate precoated with anti-Vaccinia Capping Enzyme antibody, then add diluted biotin-labeled Vaccinia Capping Enzyme detection antibody, finally add streptavidin-HRP to form the antibody + antigen + antibody-Biotin + SA-HRP complex, wash the plate and add TMB chromogenic solution for color development. TMB is converted from colorless to blue under the catalysis of HRP enzyme and finally to yellow under the action of stop solution. The shade of yellow is positively correlated with the amount of Vaccinia Capping Enzyme detected in the sample.


Assay range:  0.125 - 8 ng/mL
Limit of quantitation: 0.125 ng/mL

Cat.No. HG-VC001